Our Story


​Mother, friend, teacher, ceramic artist – there are so many labels to go by, but who is the person behind the label BOMKISI?

I am a woman who strives for perfection, a strong willed person, determined and passionate in all aspects of my life. At times pushing myself to extremes, always working at becoming a better version of myself through constant expansion. Someone who believes that supporting and bringing out the best in others can make the world a better place.

Art, along with the expression of it is vital to our world and I have always believed and taught my daughters to be true to their passions and incorporate it into their daily lives. Work should be both rewarding and stimulating. For me working with clay is a direct connection to earth and keeps me grounded, while at the same time being transformed into an artistic expression by absorbing my energy and then turning into a beautiful creation, working and melding clay is both therapeutic and almost magical.

To witness people come together around a dinner table and start meaningful, thought provoking conversations around functional art is truly inspiring.


I am a creative, outgoing and independent young woman who has always had a passion for art. Through it I’ve learnt so much, not only about myself but about the world. I’ve learnt that everyone is capable of doing something creative. Through working in our studio and giving lessons I get to see how people surprise themselves with their ability to create and inspire them to continue.

I’ve tried almost every technique and style when it comes to art, but pottery has always held a special place in my heart, getting to work with clay on a daily basis is so rewarding. I stumbled on the general idea for our ranges while staring at an empty platter that needed to be painted but once we started evolving the idea I had an overwhelming excitement come over me. I’ve never seen unique and artistic dinnerware like this before and I knew immediately how special it was. It’s something that will start a conversation at a dinner party or make a home cooked meal look even better.

We need more art in our homes and if you are trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle what better place to have it than on something functional.